One of the best features of the PS Vita is its ability to remote play PS4 games almost flawlessly. The main disadvantage however is that the Vita lacks L2/R2 buttons which makes playing a number of games pretty clunky. The official solution is to use the back touchscreen to act as virtual buttons, but the unofficial solution came from a Japanese company called Joetsu Electronics. The created a grip for the Vita that adds L2/R2 buttons, making remote play infinitely more enjoyable. Now it appears they may be looking to expand on their accessory lineup.

To be clear, Joetsu Electronics is not typically a video game peripherals maker. Their main business consists of creating hydroponic cultivation technology to grow vegetables indoors with the use of LED lighting. However, when they saw the opportunity to create a product that was needed in the market, they took a chance.


The L2/R2 BUTTON GRIP COVER, which can currently be purchased through Play-Asia for around $45, has one major drawback. It has been designed to only fit the second generation PCH-2000 Vitas.

Recently the company took to Twitter to gauge interest in creating something similar for the OLED Vitas out there. They asked people to retweet their message if they wanted this product, and while they anticipated around 50 people or so to speak up, the actual results were a bit more overwhelming.

In the end, they received 2246 retweets from Japan and 577 from overseas. Now this doesn’t mean the accessory will go into production, but it does give Joetsu a clear indication that there is a strong interest in their product. They will take the expressed demand into consideration.

If an L2/R2 grip is something you’d want for you Vita 1000, then send them a Tweet at @jecom_online

  • Wert

    Sweet, good news! I was tempted to buy a 1000 just for one of these.

  • Lorenzo Samaniego

    Has anyone used this accessory?

  • Lester Paredes

    I have it for the 2000. It’s actually pretty dang awesome. Games that make you use the back touch, like Borderlands 2 and The Jak and Daxter Collection are made better because of the more reliable way to hit those speciffic spots on Vita’s back. The only drawback is taking the damn thing off your vita. I accidentally broke mine, but it turned out to be a happy accident. There are the little nubs in the ‘corners’ on the front that help them to hold the Vita in place, and one of those broke while attempting to take it off, and now it’s super easy to slide in and out of the grip. I actually suggest sanding down just one of those nubs so it’s easier to twist the system out of the grip..

  • Yoyitsu

    I would definitely retweet or tweet them if I had a Twitter account, but alas I don’t. If they do make them I’ll gladly import one, even though I’ll miss the extended battery time afforded by my current grip.

  • DMSpider

    ‘Fraid I don’t do twitter either, but I’d definitely be interested in the OLED version.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    Come on sony, release either an remodeled vita or vita 2 with four shoulder buttons dang it

  • Hazey

    Yes yes and more yes
    This should already be available by Sony, Nintendo bit the bullet with the circle pad pro. But alas we are talking about Sony and the vita.

  • Steve Jaworski

    Don’t have twitter but want one? Create an account to show your support!

    I would give my left nut for one of these. Tweeted!