Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed some release information for Tokyo Ghoul: Jail – including some beautiful box art and the game’s first-print bonuses.

Tokyo-Ghoul-Jail-Box-ArtThe Tokyo Ghoul: Jail box art has been illustrated by the series’ creator Sui Ishida, and features the new protagonist Rio at its forefront with supporting characters in the background (including anime protagonist Kaneki, as well as his friends Touka and Tsukiyama).

As for the first print bonuses, they include the following items;

  • a voucher code for a Tokyo Ghoul: Jail theme
  • a voucher code to view art used during the game’s creation
  • an input code to obtain “SSR Kaneki” in the iOS/Android app Tokyo Ghoul: Carnaval

Tokyo Ghoul: Jail is due out in Japan on October 1st.

  • Ichigo Yoite

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