Do you have a perverted mind? Do you have 10,000¥ to burn? If so, Gal*Gun: Double Peace’s latest DLC is for you!

A whole wave of the standard costume DLC have been released that will give your girls a new look but there are a few paid features that will make you raise an eyebrow.

Starting at 1000¥, you can purchase the “Angel’s Cutting Board” and “Demon’s Meat Buns” which allow you to change the breast size of the girls.

big boobs

If you thought that was a bit weird, for cool 10,000¥, you can get see through powers with the “Pheromon Z” item will allow you to see through all clothing when equipped and will practically be naked when using the “Doki Doki Time” feature.

nakedFor the readers who have imported this game, is this DLC a must buy? Gal*Gun: Double Peace is currently out in Japan and it has been announced that it will be localized. There is still no word if this DLC will make its way to the West.

  • Martin

    Japan. This why I love them. Never stop being crazy. Though, I don’t think I’ll spend this much money on a DLC.

    • Nonscpo

      I wouldn’t either, that’s an outrages price!

      • Martin

        In the first place, I never buy DLC, unless it’s an extra story mode or something important. I’d rather spend the money used for buying a DLC for a game instead. Although, there are exceptions for my favorite games, like Persona.

        • Nonscpo

          Agreed! My point though is that for that price you’d better and cheaper to just buy a bunch of Eroge/Nukige games instead. No DLC should be in the 70-100 price range, or come anywhere close to that 🙁

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s awfully expensive. Do they have any idea how much free pornography I can buy for that much? All of it, that’s how much.

    • Nonscpo

      Agreed…it’s way to expensive for what is.