Killing Bites Fighter has been announced and is in development for PS Vita and PlayStation 4. This news comes from the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Monthly Heroes.

Killing Bites is a manga series written by Murata Shinya. It tells the story about a college student named Nomoto Yuuya who gets involved with some messed up peers who forcibly kidnap girls. Unfortunately for those gang rapist the girl they attempted to abduct while with Yuuya just happened to be an animal-human hybrid named Hitomi, who has mixed DNA with a honey badger. There are two other known characters, both females, who share genes with a leopard and a salamander. With the countless variety of different animal-human hybrids, this could potentially end up being a very unique fighting game.

More details for the new Killing Bites Fighter will be revealed soon, but we do know that it is essentially a brawler type of fighting game. The game is slotted for a Spring 2016 release.

  • Ali Johnson

    Hmmm now that’s what I call unique ign 10/10 too much awkward ani/man fighters