New characters and game features revealed.

The latest title in the Atelier series, titled Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book will be arriving on PS Vita in Japan on November 19th, and ahead of the release we have been given details of three new characters, as well as a few more pieces of information in regards to in-game features. Lets start with the new characters:

Tess Heitzmann

A show girl who is working at a cafe to support her family. She is a bright and simple-minded troublemaker.


A young boy who appear before Sophie. He seems very interested in Alchemy, but his intentions are unknown. He may have a child like appearance, but he can still sometimes see through to the true nature of things.


A young girl who is always by Meklets side. Compared to her companion, she is more on the quiet side. She tends to ‘act her age’ most of the time.

Newly revealed features include:

  • Obtaining Vouchers as rewards. Certain items can only be obtain with these vouchers.
  • Its effects are unknown, but the sinister sounding ‘Dark Ticket‘ is a feature in the game.
  • There will be ‘Group Requests‘ where you’ll be contracted to collect materials and battle monsters in the same area. Rewards for these requests are set higher than normal requests.
  • You can learn all about different items and monsters by eavesdropping on conversations in the Cafe.
  • Perhaps the best new piece of information is the fact that you can make Plachta wear only chocolate instead of clothes.

Atelier Sophie: The The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book is the 17th main game in the Atelier series. As we await its winter release, why not read my review for Atelier Ayesha Plus review from earlier this year.