He was a Skater Boi, she said see ya later boi…

A few days ago we brought you the news that the upcoming RPG Tokyo Xanadu from Nihon Falcom would feature an array of mini-games. We now have further details on these new distractions. Up first though we have details on a brand new location to explore:

Morimiya Memorial Park


A large picturesque park which has a lot of natural beauty as well as a gorgeous lake running through its centre. It is the main location for relaxation, and is located in the western part of Morimiya City. As well as picking up a light snack from the small cafe and crepe stand, you can also enjoy the running track to burn of those calories (most likely gained by the crepe you just devoured) or ‘explore’ the date spot. The final area of note is the skatepark, which leads us to the first mini-game.



Playing as Kou, you can play a skateboarding mini-game which has dedicated courses. This game involves you collecting flags throughout the course within a certain time limit. You’ll even get a chance to show of your boarding skills, as there is a trick area at some point in each course with ‘gimmicks’ you’ll have to perform to finish the course. You may even be treated to premium prizes…

Gate of Avalon


This game is based on the ‘Blade’ mini-game that featured in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. It is a ono-on-one card game and in Tokyo Xanadu, Kou will battle non-party member city dwellers. You start at level 1, but move up the ranks by defeating other players. There may even be a final surprise when you face your last opponent.

Michy Panic with Magical Girl Magical Alisa


A limited collaboration version of the evil Michy whacking game ‘Michy Panic’ with the TV anime ‘Magical Girl: Magical Alisa’. Almost identical to whack-a-mole, the aim of the game is to use your PicoPico hammer to exterminate the evil Michys who are constantly emerging from holes in the ground. Based on your score, you will earn a bonus rank. Depending on how well you rank will determine the rate of medals you receive. Earning a high score will earn you rare items.

Tokyo Xanadu is due out in Japan on the 30th September, and don’t forget to keep checking back to TVL for all the latest news ahead of the release.