Those of you that read everything we post may already be aware of Drive!Drive!Drive! via Tyler’s Pax Prime write-up but for those of you who hadn’t noticed we can tell you a little more about this upcoming racer from Different Cloth.

Studio Head Gordon Midwood spoke to the PlayStation Blog to talk about their upcoming racer and showed of the teaser trailer, which we have added in below.

Described as the only racer to let you race more than one track at a time, Drive!Drive!Drive! is a fusion of arcade racing and track management. You’ll need to manage multiple tracks simultaneously, although when you switch the AI will take over the driving. Unfortunately, the computer racers are described as less than competent, so relying on the AI to win races for you is going to be less than fruitful, which means that you will spend each race hopping from track-to-track quite frequently. Gordon calls this cretinous driving “Artificial Idiocy™” and playfully suggests that it is “uniquely powered by our Intelligent Stupidity™ engine.”


Gordon says that the game will feature “an amazing soundtrack by the world’s state-of-the art synth/prog/post-rock band ZOMBI” and says that from a visual point of view the game will have “those trippy retro/future visuals all the kids are hallucinating over.”

In addition to funky tunes and looks, Drive!Drive!Drive! will be set across different galaxies, multiple gravities and will also feature a track creator allowing you to create, play and share your best tracks and challenge your friends in multiplayer.

Drive!Drive!Drive! is set to release in 2016 and will be published by Choice Provisions.

What do you make of the game? Do you think it’s something you’ll enjoy playing?

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks interesting. Kinda sounds like Rockband on PSP, where you had to switch between different instruments in order to keep from failing. Hopefully, they pull it off.

  • Ali Johnson

    What !?!?! Why zombi soundtrack lol