Randall is coming to PlayStation Vita thanks to the guys at We The Force Studios. 

Heavily influenced by Guacamelee – Randall is set in a dystopian world that doesn’t seem like a departure from our own future. Society is content living under the constant surveillance and absolute power of a malicious dictator. In this police state players take on the role of Randall, a powerful telepath with a touch of schizophrenia. His abilities allow him to control and play as every single character on screen, seamlessly swapping between them and exploiting every power that they have.

Check out the trailer below;

I was able to get my hands on this title during my time at PAX Prime and I’ll be updating my impressions soon so look out! As for Randall’s release date we’re looking sometime in 2016. For more on Randall and PlayStation Vita stay tuned to The Vita Lounge.

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  • Ali Johnson

    But the trailer showed ps4 only ?!?!???!?

  • …this one looks good…the only thing I hope is that the devs are not getting sued by Drinkbox Studios for totally ripping off their Guacamelee-Mechanics!!! 😉

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    ANOTHER 2D side scroller jeez

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    The visual style reminded me of CastleStorm but the gameplay may be as challenging as Mighty #9.