It’s been a long time since we’ve heard about The World End Eclipse, but now we’ve got a new trailer to tease you with.

Sega has released a brand new teaser trailer for their upcoming release The World End Eclipse, and you’d be forgiven if you asked just what that was. It’s been almost a year since we posted about the title, but it seems that Sega hasn’t forgotten about it.

A free-to-play title set in a world laid to ruin by a dragon, your duty is to protect the citizens of a small colony from things that go bump in the night.

Check it out via this new teaser;

The World End Eclipse was originally dated for last Winter on other platforms, but is currently set to hit Japanese Vita accounts after its Fall smartphone launch.

  • …there are so many great titles over there in japan…who wants to teach me a crash course in japanese???…please…anyone???…;)

  • Kaetokiha

    Looks good. I hope it comes to west. I would have little faith since it’s a Sega game, but it says the game will be released on Windows too, so i think we have a good chance with this one.