In the most recent update for Atelier Sophie Gust have revealed have introduced even more new characters as well as introducing a new feature known as Group Requests, as revealed in a recent issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

First up is Group Requests, these are offered to you by NPC’s in the games main town and they offer greater rewards than normal quests by making you do a series of quests in a single area. Completing Group Requests earns the player vouchers which can be spent on various different items throughout the game, including an item known as a ‘Date Ticket’.

Next up is the newest additions to the games cast which include 3 characters this week, starting off with Meklet, a young boy who appears before Sophie at every opportunity he gets and is often seen travelling around with Atomina. His intentions are unknown but he does have an interest in alchemy.

Speaking of Atomina, she is very much the female version of Meklet, but she has more of a quiet personality and doesn’t really show her emotions but will often put a smile on her face which is seemingly appropriate for her age.

The third and final edition to the character roster for this week is Tess Heitzmann, an 18 year old girl who works in a cafe, as the poster girl for the cafe she only works specific days of the week. As the eldest child in her family all of her other siblings are brothers, and while she may have a cheerful personality she doesn’t let this take over her dedication to her work. Her cheerful personality can also cause her to be quite the troublemaker, and can often cause her to do things without thinking about the consequences.

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book was initially due for a September release but was recently delayed until November 19th so the game could be polished some more, be sure to stay tuned for further updates leading up to the games launch.

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