Square Enix has announced that they’re shutting down Deadman’s Cross on Vita.

Deadman’s Cross only released this past February on PlayStation Vita, but that isn’t stopping Square Enix from giving it the axe. That’s right; due to shut down on September 30th, Deadman’s Cross for Vita will soon be no more – but there’s a sliver of good news there if you play on smartphone too.

Smartphone gamers will continue to be able to play Deadman’s Cross, and you can even transfer your Vita game data over via a new data transfer button on the info screen. It’ll ask you for a password, which you then use alongside your player name on iOS/Android to recover your game data. Oh, and word to the wise; Deadman’s Coins don’t transfer – so be sure to use them before you transfer your data over if you want them to count. 😉

Users eligible for the data transfer must have played the game before July 30th, but you’ll get ten Elite Hunt Permits and ten Energy Drinks when you migrate to the smartphone version.

Either way though, you’ve only got just over three weeks left on the Vita version – so now might be the time for one last Deadman’s Cross gaming session if you’ve been procrastinating it!

  • Devin Hudson

    They announced that it was shutting down about a month ago, so I’ve been plugging away at it ever since then in hopes of getting all of the trophies for it. Most of them are pretty easy, but two of them require you to put a lot of time into them so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get them before it shuts down.

    • Ali Johnson

      It’s an no logical grind specially for a non plat trophy

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Fine by me. Get this mobile garbage out of here, Square. This platform is for games, not time-wasters bs you make “mobile gamers” swallow down their throats.

    • bring at least Mobius Final Fantasy to the Vita, Squeenix!!!

  • Karl Smith

    Well, that didn’t last long. Let alone the game didn’t even saw a European release anyway.