There are many people who say that Moe Chronicle is the spiritual successor to last year’s fantastic PS Vita card game, Monster Monpiece. Besides sharing the Japanese Genkai name, the only similarities is the fan service and rubbing. And oh boy, there is a whole lot of rubbing!

In Moe Chronicle, you are thrust into the role of Io – an extreme pervert who cannot stop thinking impure thoughts about any female that he comes across. Because of this, Io is completely oblivious about everything around him and has no interest in anything other than sexual thoughts about girls. Eventually, Io is pushed into the “real world” which is inhabited by Monster Girls.


These Monster Girls are generally calm by nature and are, usually, normal. But something in the world has changed and Io must now prevent these Monster Girls from turning into evil beings that will kill off the human race. It’s the tried and true ‘save the world’ story line that is quickly forgotten because there’s so much tits and ass in this game that it would make a porn star blush!


Moe Chronicle is your standard dungeon crawling RPG that features a five-member party system with one block at a time crawling and random battles. Each labyrinth is separated by story chapters and multiple floors and of course, there are hidden doors and treasures to be found along the way. There are multiple difficulties for players of any skill, but once you are leveled enough, the gameplay becomes a face roll on auto battle. The random battles come fast and often and usually hover right above the annoying levels – where auto battle comes in handy. Another plus is that each floor usually has a save area to prevent frustration as more than likely your party will be wiped when looking for that coveted point. With that being said, as long as you are prepared with goods from the vendor and plenty of MP, you can travel through each level with confidence that you won’t lose hours of progress.


Each level is filled with Monster Girls who are under the influence of a spell that makes them go wild. These enemies are particularly different from the run-of-the-mill enemies that litter the world of Moe Chronicle. Each Monster Girl has a health bar for the various pieces of clothing that they are wearing. The goal to beating these girls is to attack each article and ignore everything else. Once the clothes are torn, you are to start…wait for it…wait for it..yes, rubbing! Not only rubbing, but pinching and poking various parts of a mostly naked girl. Like with Monster Monpiece, you need to hold the Vita vertically to look for places on the body where the girl likes to be poked and prodded. To do this you will use the touchscreen, touch pad and the right analog stick – this can get a bit tiresome and annoying (especially when you can’t find the sweet spots). There really is no need for this, but, what the hell, if you’re gonna go big, you might as well go all the way! Once you have successfully gone through the molestation process, that Monster Girl is now available for your party. This is really helpful since they are usually more powerful than what you already have and they can be a helpful boost for future enemies.


Visually, girls in skimpy bras and panties are bright and vibrant, but the graphics leave a lot to be desired. While DRPGs aren’t known for jaw-dropping graphics, I feel that the visuals were an afterthought (other than making girls half naked). The monsters aren’t anything special and neither are the dungeons. Only one word can describe them: meh. The game is voiced in full Japanese and while hits and battle sound effects come across as dull, that’s not the case with the moans during rubbing. The sound had been set to 11 to make sure that every knows you’re a dirty pervert when you play this in public.


Being an Asian-English version, there had been concerns that it would meet the same fate as Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. I’m glad to say that Compile Heart have taken great care and delivered a fantastic translation that’s worthy of being officially released in the West. The jokes and writing flow really well and it helps when trying to follow the game’s average story.


Moe Chronicle suffers from not knowing what exactly it wants to be, other than lewd fan service. While it’s got that down to s tee, the battle system and story seem to suffer because of it. Compile Heart is known to churn out PlayStation Vita games at a breakneck pace and, perhaps, this is one that fell between the cracks. In my opinion, I do not believe that this game will see the light of day in the West, but Compile Heart know that there’s an audience for these games and releasing a translated Asian version is the way to go. The fan service didn’t bother me one bit, but the bland game play and so-so story did. While Moe Chronicle won’t please the most hardcore of dungeon crawling RPG fans, those who like light-hearted fun and crude jokes will have a good time with this.

Lasting Appeal
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  • Yoyitsu

    You killed me with the last image. XD

  • Chizu

    I’ll probably pick this up because I am a terrible person. 😀

    • alterku

      My fellow terrible person, let us rub together.

  • Nonscpo

    If this game were localized, It might be something worth looking into!

    • alterku

      Localization would probably kill the only parts of it the reviewer seemed to enjoy. I’m fine with the English Asian copy that is currently available.

  • leingod

    The game sounds boring, but I love the pervy stuff 😛