XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the popular turn-based strategy game, may be aiming its sights on the PlayStation Vita – and we’ve got some new evidence to that effect.

This weeks ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) list showed a Mature rating for XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus. Here’s a quote from the description,

 “Battles are accompanied by intermittent cutscenes that depict close-up (e.g., over-the-shoulder) instances of violence: soldiers getting impaled or beaten to death by alien creatures; realistic explosions that result in larger blood sprays.”

Whether this is a console or mobile port of the game is unknown (had to do it), but the game is listed as being developed by Take 2 Interactive Software, Inc.


Only a few months ago the title was spotted on a Korean ratings site, and it appears those findings may have been accurate. So when will we see XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus being played on the Vita? Possibly when Sony takes the stage at Paris Games Week happening from October 28th to November 1st.

Until then keep it here with The Vita Lounge.

  • Dchaundy1

    Woah this could be a really big deal *fingers crossed*

    • Nonscpo

      Yes let’s hope so ^_^

  • Lester Paredes

    Man, I sure hope the plus means some aspects of Enemy Within make it in. Otherwise, keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I’d sure lo e to play, even the base game, on the go.

  • Borshay

    I just hope it runs well. I dont care of it’s as ugly as Mortal Kombat as long as it runs well. Really likes the game and it’s a good for a handheld.