Have you played Steins;Gate yet? If that’s a no, then you really should, it is, after all the only game we’ve given full marks to in a review so far this year on The Vita Lounge, and even better news, there’s a sequel on the way!

Those of you who answered no to the above question should also stop reading now, because this is news post contains spoilers from the first game, so read ahead at your own discretion.

The official Steins;Gate 0 website recently launches, and with it introduced the cast of the game, some of which will be returning characters from the first game as well as some new members to the time travelling shenanigans.

Steins;Gate 0 is set in an alternative world where main protagonist Rintaro Okabe failed to save Kurisu Makise. Rintaro is living in regret with his decision not to save Kurisu, and decides to return to his every day life of being a university student.

Upon his return to university, Rintaro is introduced to Professor Leskinen and Maho Hiyago, these two individuals were working with Kirisu on an artificial intelligence program named Armadeus, a program capable of storing a persons memory, and it is revealed that the program currently holds Kirisu’s memory.

Also below is the official character bios for each character, taken from the games official website;

Rintarou Okabe (voiced by Mamoru Miyano): Founder of the Future Gadget Laboratory. After a certain incident, he became fully aware of his own insufficiency.


Kurisu Makise (voiced by Asami Imai): The brain-like presence of the Future Gadget Laboratory that Okabe once attempted to save. She died in Akihabara on July 28.


Mayuri Shiina (voiced by Kana Hanazawa): A childhood friend of Okabe’s who is good and understanding. She is a member of Okabe’s Future Gadget Laboratory.


Itaru Hashida (voiced by Tomokazu Seki): An elite hacker among the lab men of the Future Gadget Laboratory commonly called “Daru.” He’s also familiar with Akihabara culture.


Suzuha Amane (voiced by Yukari Tamura): A time traveler who came from the future. Her natural behavior stands out as something from a different time period.


Maho Hiyajo (voiced by Sayuri Yahagi): A senior at Kurisu Makise’s university, as well as a researcher. She is often mistaken for a child due to her young appearance.


Kagari Shiina (voiced by Megumi Han): A young girl adopted by Mayuri in the future. She lost her parents to the war. She time travels with Amane to the past, but gets lost on the way.


Ruka Urushibara (voiced by Yu Kobayashi): A young man whose gender is sometimes mistaken due to his appearance and behavior. He’s also known as “Rukako.”


Faris Nyannyan (voiced by Haruko Momoi): A girl who works as a maid in an Akihabara cafe and does things at her own pace. She always throws “nyan” at the end of words during conversations.


Moeka Kiryu (voiced by Saori Goto): A woman who is quiet and maintains a poker face in real life, but is talkative when it comes to cell phone e-mails. She has a severe cell phone addiction.


Nae Tennouji (voiced by Ayano Yamamoto): A young girl and the daughter of CRT store owner Yuugo “Mr. Braun” Tennouji. She’s obedient, but also full of curiosity.


Alexis Leskinen (voiced by Yoji Ueda): A professor at Victor Chondria University who taught Kurisu and Maho, as well as a senior researcher at the Brain Research Institute. He is referred to as a lecturer at seminars, and takes Maho in as an assistant when he comes to Japan.


Yuki Amane (voiced by Yukari Tamura): Suzuha’s mother, and Daru’s future wife. She’s a positive thinker and doesn’t care for the minor details.


Katsumi Nakase (voiced by Mariko Honda): Mayuri’s cosplay friend, who goes by the cosplayer name “Fubuki.” She’s popular thanks to her boyish appearance.


Kaede Kurushima (voiced by Hina Kino): Another of Mayuri’s cosplay friends. She goes to events wearing costumes made by Mayuri.


Judy Reyes (voiced by Maya Nishimura): A Mind Physiology Research Institute professor at Victor Chondria University. She’s doesn’t have any issue being straightforward with her fellow researchers and has a frank personality. She’s also an acquaintance of Leskinen and Maho.


Steins;Gate 0 is set for release in Japan on November 19th with no word yet of a western release, but be sure to stay tuned to The Vita Lounge as we’ll be sure to update you on any news related to the game.


  • Ichigo Yoite

    I love Moeka – although she is kind of a bitch and btw Katsumi looks like Chie Satonaka from P4 O_O

    on other news: I WANT THIS!

  • Nonscpo

    Looking promising here!