New information about Yoru no Nai Kuni‘s battle system alongside various characters from the game have been showcased in a new preview for the game courtesy of Dengeki Online.

The game is set in a world where people have their night stolen from them by monsters so that they are unable to sleep. Yoru no Nai Kuni‘s story focuses on a girl named Arnas who fights to save her friend Lyuritis – who sacrificed herself to seal away the Ruler of the Night.

Arnas can command an army of monsters known as Servan to battle alongside her, as well as being able to transform herself and her weapon when battling the monsters that feature in the game.


Servan come in many different types and they all have their own style of fighting. Bonded by a blood contract, it will be critical that you learn how they differ and then raise them so that you can have them fight alongside you in battle. When you are in battle, you can use a ‘Servan Burst’ command that uses your SP and can have a range of effects from healing members of your party to dishing out the damage – dependent on the type of Servan.

As you level up your new Servan you will notice that they go through various changes. Not only will they level up but they will change in appearance, colour and can even multiply in number! You can also add Servan on top of your Transform and Weapon Change abilities to unlock more ways of defeating monsters as you make your way through the game.

You will need to manage the weapon change ability, as it is important that you change this depending on the enemy’s status. By changing your weapon you can effect your Servan’s abilities – which will have a knock-on effect on the battle allowing for even more possibilities.

The transformation ability is particularly useful when doing battle with a tough enemy. By using it you will give your Servan extra abilities to allow for you to get the upper hand in battle.

So in order to succeed, you will need to do battle with the game’s demons using the weapon change and transformation features whilst also taking into account how which abilities will effect your Servan so that you can set up your squad to maximise your potential attack force.

  • Nightwalker

An attack type Servan, the Nightwalker dives at its prey – attacking them with sharp claws.

  • Toy Troop

The Toy Troop is a copy type Servan, especially skilled at attacking enemies in the air and getting stronger as its numbers increase.

Changing Form by the Wielder’s Sheer Will: Weapon Change

Using your weapons is key in Yoru no Nai Kuni. Not only must you change Arnas’ fighting dependent on the battle ahead but you must also be aware of how each weapon form’s special features and how they will affect your Servan.

  • Sword

The trusty sword, although the most basic of all the game’s weapons – the sword has a balanced speed making it extremely easy to wield.

  • Gun

With an incredibly fast rate of fire, the gun allows for you to stop an enemy dead in its tracks so that you can get up close and continue with the onslaught. With the gun being a ranged weapon you will be able to attack from a distance while your Servan stands in front of you to protect you.

  • Warhammer

Although slow when compared to other weapons, the Warhammer is especially strong and effective when you find yourself surrounded by many enemies. It also has a special ability whereby each blow from you or your Servan has the chance to knock your enemy temporarily unconscious.

  • Short Sword

The short sword has a ‘Blood Hit’ effect that allows for both you and your Servan to gradually steal HP from your enemies. On top of this, it also allows for you to slide under an enemy’s attack.

  • Long Sword

The main appeal of the long sword is its reach. Even weak attacks have a wide swing that can take out enemies from the front and also from the side. When you have the Long Sword equipped your Servan will go into ‘Offensive Mode’ – a type of berserk mode where they repeatedly attack the enemy with strong attacks, not stopping until they are dead.

Blood Awakening: Transform

Arnas will be able to wake her ghost form by using the half-ghost blood that flows through her. When this is combined with her Servan she can assume various forms – each having their own abilities that can unleash powerful attacks against her enemies.

When you are on the Servan selection screen you will notice that each Servan has an icon in the bottom left that will show you what form you can transfer into alongside some coloured marks. Once you have acquired the necessary amount of marks you will then unlock that form for use in the game.

The one thing you won’t be able to do is transform at any given time. When you are in battle you will need to fill a transform gauge by making chain attacks. The higher the chain is the faster that the gauge will fill – unlocking the ability to transform.

The form that you can take on will depend on which Servan you use and once you are transformed you can give your Servan special abilities.

  • Demon Form


Attack with the power of fire, whilst also boosting your Servan’s attack.

  • Rabbit Form


Whilst Arnas may look cute in this form, do not let looks deceive you! She is incredibly fast and tough when in Rabbit Form and her Servan will also benefit from a speed boost.

  • Phantom Form


A great form for healing both HP and SP, the Phantom Form will also speed up your Servan’s SP healing speed as well as letting you use your Servan Burst without any limits.

  • Armor Form


This form specialises in defence, and not only does it make you tougher but it also raises the defence of your Servan.

  • Nightmare Form

This form is a special form amongst the others that can be used once certain criteria have been met. The Nightmare Form is extremely intimidating, with big black wings and armour in addition to attack, power, range and speed boosts whilst also allowing for you and your Servan to ignore enemy attacks.

Pure-Blood Battles

With the almighty task of fighting a wide variety of monsters, Arnas will find that eventually she will come across enemies that are ‘pure-bloods’. These enemies are ghosts that are unable to let go of their desires, testing the limits of Arnas’ powers.

  • Christophoros


Possessing the ability to attack using sound waves from the instrument that she wields, Christophoros has been an ally of Arnas in the past – begging the question of why they are fighting?

  • Mistral


Attacking with her folding fan and constantly toying with you whilst you fight, Mistral also has a device that spits out monsters that attack you – not stopping until destroyed.

Supporting Characters

As you progress through the game, Arnas will meet many other characters that have been affected by the Ruler of the Night. Each of these characters possess their own wishes and dreams that really will test Arnas’ determination and will to protect Lyuritis. The characters that you meet won’t all necessarily be human, with some being ghosts and others that are affected by the Blue Blood.

  • Lyuritis


A kind-hearted girl who’s destined to seal away the Ruler of the Night and who Arnas so desperately wants to save. Her unwavering faith is a constant sore point for Arnas.

  • Simon


A former-knight who speaks to Arnas in frank about his past so that she doesn’t make the same mistakes.

  • Lloyd


A merchant who leverages his connections and gives Arnas helpful information but also hides a secret.

  • Professor Arukado


He possesses a “Black Book” that supposedly contains information on how to seal away the night. Could this book contain the information Arnas is looking for?

  • Christophoros


Unable to let go of her long lost teacher, Christophoros is antagonistic towards Arnas, what happened between them in their past?

  • Mistral


Hidden away in a palace, Mistral has taken a special interest in the half-blooded Arnas and tempts her with becoming a full-blooded ghost.

  • Corrine


A holy knight who’s wrapped up in similar circumstances as Arnas, Corrine gives her helpful advice about the Blue Blood.

Yoru no Nai Kuni is due to release in Japan next week on September 17th. If you are interested in Arnas and her adventures, then be sure to keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for more news regarding this title!