Have you heard of CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria? It’s an incredibly ambitious title from Larkon Studio which is a fusion of many different game genres and will be coming to the Vita, in addition to many other platforms.


It’s quite difficult to say what type of CivCraft is at the core. With First Person Shooter style mechanics you’ll be able to interact with the story and environment as you would expect in similar titles, but you will also be able to switch the gameplay when needed to manage your kingdom in the style of a Real Time Strategy game.

You will be able to undertake quests and leave your subjects to rule your kingdom, or you can rule yourself using an “intuitive management system” and you’ll be able to undertake the main story or even build you own.

By perfecting any of the different character classes you’ll be able to play to your own style in an open world; where exploring will result in new creatures, items and cultures are waiting to be discovered, cities and weapons can be constructed and you can take on armies and monsters at will, with a game engine that allows you to destroy, level or shape your terrain as you see fit and apparently build any possible structure, wherever you like allowing you to build specialised buildings, create cities and build farms and maximise resources to empower your kingdom.

As I mentioned, the game is already coming to Vita but there are still a few days to run on the Kickstarter and the team at Larkon Studio want to add a few more things to the game and need your help to do so.

We will bring you more news on CivCraft as we have it, and for the latest news you can follow the game’s website.

  • rich_952000

    I’m not sure how to put this gently so let me be the first to say: Oh, F**K Yes! This will be a day one purchase for me. This kind of looks like my favorite iOS game Heroes & Castles 2 by Foursaken Media, only on a grand scale

  • Ogerscherge

    Hmm… This looks pretty awesome! Reminds me of Mount and Blade.
    However, are you sure they’re planning on bringing it to the Vita as well?
    According to their Kickstarter FAQ they won’t.

  • Szponix

    But… This will for PS3 and PS4. Not vita 🙁