Neko.Works shows off some gameplay from their upcoming release of Super Night Riders, a Virtual Racing inspired arcade motorcycle racer.

In Super Night Riders you play as Alice, a beautiful blonde from Germany – known to many as the red rider. The goal of the game is to race as far as you can, hitting each checkpoint along the endless track and doing so as many times as you can before the timer hits zero. The cool thing is that with each checkpoint, the time of day and weather shifts.

Check it out;

Neko.Works has stated that it’s their goal to finish Super Night Riders by the end of 2015, and thankfully Vita is among the platforms they’re bringing it to.

Are you interested in Super Night Riders? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    That’s it, keep dumping your rubbish onto the vita. Good job

  • Chizu

    As much as I enjoyed Super Hang On and stuff back in the day, the presentation for this leaves alot to be desired.

  • Calvin Hermse

    I hope this game has more going for it than what the video shows, otherwise you’re better off getting a PS1 or an PS1 emulator and buying a copy of Road Rash.

  • Michael Rogers

    The original was a PSM title. Not gonna lie, the very basic graphics did actually looks really good on the OLED. Game itself however has nothing going for it. Super Hang On (which is the actual inspiration for the game Kyle) is far far better. It doesn’t look like Super Night Riders has improved anything on that front 🙁