4Gamer introduces us to two new heroines, a third teased heroine, and other gameplay details on the upcoming breast adventure ever – with Dengeki throwing in a word here and there as well.

First up we have a look at newly revealed characters Marika and Mirei.

Marika Hikawa (voiced by Yu Kobayashi) is the student council vice-president at the Embellir Girls Academy, and is considered to be a highly prominent high school figure. Aside from her various positions of power, she comes from a respectable family and is also quite talented – able to handle most things with ease. Upon losing for the first time to student council president Mirei, she finds a deep admiration for her superior’s ability.

A tsundere through and through, she shows her cold side to Aina and her friends – reserving the warm-hearted bits for Mirei and her pet cat.

Mirei Shirogame (voiced by Fumiko Uchimura) is the dedicated student council president at Embellir Girls Academy, and has achieved her goals through practice and training (instead of natural talent).

Beautiful and intelligent now, she got help from a student council president when she was young and strives very much to be like them in her every day life.

She also hates natto, but is currently working on overcoming it.

We also get word on a soon-to-be-announced character, who is portrayed as more mature compared to the ladies we’ve seen so far. We see her not only in silhouette, but in the midst of an item appraisal as well – meaning that she’ll be in your party and not just a side-character.

Moving on from characters, we get a look at equippable items – such as bras and panties you can find in the dungeons (though I’m not sure why anyone would be equpping found skivvies). Equipping these found pieces of lingerie increase defense, and pairing certain sets will even add special bonus effects – something that extends to swords and shields as well.

Speaking of things you find in the dungeon, you’ll find various items in the dungeon that need appraisal – and we’ve got a not for those who love the appraisal system; use it in the dungeon.┬áTaking to using the system outside the dungeon will appraise with the default beast size while doing do inside the dungeon will allow you to use your omega power boost in appraisal (wink, wink).

We also get note on more great features, like the ability to touch the girls whenever you want – including during dungeon scenes, menu screens, conversations and more.

Or how about Aina’s Omega Impact skill, which blows up in the shape of breasts?


Omega Labyrinth is set to release in Japan on November 19th.

Can you handle it?

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