Announced back near the end of March, we haven’t heard much from Pocket God vs Desert Ashes since then – but now we’ve got something to show you.

Luc Bernard has released a new trailer for his mashup title via the PlayStation YouTube channel, and it gives us a half-minute look at the gameplay, graphics, and story behind Pocket God vs Desert Ashes.

Check it out;

We still don’t have a release date for this one, but we’ve got our ears and eyes open in anticipation – so stay tuned.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    Looks like a mobile phone game. Yay

    • Ali Johnson

      Yep the excitement never stops with these mobile games

  • Frito Laye

    Looks like Pokeman with Downsyndrome

    • Ali Johnson


  • Ali Johnson

    Urgh when will this come to EU come on u r too slow