We get news on the two main release editions of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, which are coming this holiday season to North America.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is scheduled to launch sometime soon in North America, and we now have some information of the editions of the game to be offered. The standard edition of the game will come in at $39.99, while the Lionheart Edition has a slightly higher $49.99 price tag.

LionheartAs for what the Lionheart Edition will include (aside from the game), we have news that it’s the following;

  • An art book, containing over 100 pages of art from the game and its 2016-bound sequel
  • A 1.5″ pin displaying the emblem of the country of Erebonia
  • A custom clamshell-type box that will also fit the sequel when it releases next year

The Lionheart Edition will be available at select retailers only, and will be up for pre-order soon.

Sounds like this is amping up to be quite a Trails launch in the West, are you getting excited yet?

  • Zero Eternity

    Definitely something I’ll buy depending on its release date and what is gonna release around it.

  • Chizu

    Would be nice if Europe gets something similar.

  • DCGX

    I don’t even know if I’d like this game, but I want the Lionheart edition.

  • chizwoz

    When’s the release date? This looks like one of the biggest Vita games of the year.

  • AndreasStalin

    Yeah still waiting for trails in the sky 2nd but we’ll get that one sooner or later, and I actually didn’t think we were going to get trails of cold steel at all so I’m very happy with this. Way to go Xseed!

  • uragayduck

    i’ve already bought Ao Evolution, Zero Evolution, Sen and Sen II which are all queued up…..now it’s just a matter of waiting for Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution to release this year so i can actually get to all of them. i’m of course planning to buy the localized version of SC, but having that full voicing is a major plus especially after seeing how awesome it was with FC Evolution.

  • Nonscpo

    Nice Package!