Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze in Japan) Remastered has been announced for PS4. Shown during Sony’s SCEJA (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia) Tokyo Game Show it’s set to release on February 10th 2016 and being ported by BluePoint Games. To add insult to injury, footage for the sequel, Gravity Rush 2 was shown to be in development by SCE Studio Japan (and exclusive to the PS4).

This is now the second previously exclusive PS Vita game being re-made for the PS4, as Tearaway: Unfolded was just released last week. It looks you shouldn’t be surprised to eventually see Uncharted: Golden Abyss get ported if this trend continues,

  • Fr33Kingdom

    Sony rummaging through the vita’s corpse for Ip’s.

    • Ali Johnson

      This makes feel really bad I feel like Iam dying literally

  • Reza Gerami

    The fact that they exclude the Vita from the GR2 is actually pretty messed up.

    • Ali Johnson

      We all agree

  • They cannot be serious.

    • Ali Johnson

      They are u should get used to how Sony stabs their day 1 fans

  • novurdim


    • Ali Johnson


  • Shay Batty

    Whaaaat?! I could’ve sworn they’d release Gravity Rush 2 for both PS4 and Vita! That’s seriously not fair to not release the sequel for the system the first game was originally made for.

    • Ali Johnson

      Dude really what do u think Sony now days are assholes to their costumers and that won’t end Iam considering to change my console to Microsoft as the overall service is a hell lot better

  • Zero Eternity

    It was the game I bought the Vita for originally. I really hope they don’t think I’m gonna buy a PS4 just to follow the sequel.

  • Kaboom

    Heard Gravity Rush 2 was coming out: Yes! Finally! I so hope it’s gonna be awesome! Hope they add all new abilities and more story and expand on the shifter’s past and on Kat’s past and all kinds of stuff!
    Heard it’s a PS4 exclusive: … I reserve this gesture for when I’m absolutely pissed off. *Flips up my middle finger.* F*ck you Sony. With a rusty pipe laced with rat poison.

    Pardon this, I’m just… Ugh, I was so hoping I could play 2… The wait, apparently, wasn’t worth it… *Sighs…*

    • Ali Johnson


  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    You know, one thing sony has showed us as a company that sees the Vita as a legacy accessory for the ps4 is that if you want games, look elsewhere. The same goes for applications, be it Maps, facebook or Youtube support – not coming from them.

    But then again, they make us look at their own events like TGS and publicly state they’ve turned their backs on us, the handheld supporters, porting our titles to the consoles, showing total disrespect – and not only is GR2 going to the ps4, they’re also working on the original version’s port as well – it’s almost as if they’re enjoying rubbing salt in the wound. As time passes by, you’d expect something from the company to make up for the LACK of features on the Vita, while the ps4 gets more and more, but all we get is punishment. This is only getting worse.

    I love the Vita and I enjoy it when I can, even though I hate sony and the way they’ve treated us. And I’ll say this, if Karma really exists, I hope I live to see the day sony’s mobile division sinks completely. Sooner or later, they’ll get what they deserve.

  • Giant_Z

    I didn’t buy PS4 yet, and I will not, because Sony still despise us, PSVita owners
    by heading Vita exclusives to PS4 over and over again.
    I will stay on PSVita as last gaming product from Sony.
    I can’t trust them anymore no matter how their product’s quality and games are.
    I think I will change to Microsoft or nintendo as next generation console.

    • Buckybuckster

      It’s like we Vita owners don’t exist at all to them. I suppose our zenny isn’t good enough for them. And yeah, I’ve put my plans to get a PS 4 on hold too. I will continue to support the Vita and the developers that support it. Seeing that Sony isn’t one of those, I don’t want to give them anymore money than I have to.

  • BDawg

    This is so disappointing. One of the few games I was looking forward to on Vita. 🙁

  • J-WaitForIt-D

    I own a PS4 and I can do a lot of things with it. However one of those things will not be buying the sequel to one of my favourite Vita games for it. I hope you’re reading this Sony because I ‘m not buying Gravity Rush 2 unless it‘s for the Vita.

    • Ali Johnson

      Wow I tap my hat to ur loyalty congrats u r a patriot

  • Jordan Greene

    *sigh* Sony just admit you’re giving up on the Vita already, words can’t describe my disappointment right now

  • Yoyitsu

    Gravity Rush is my favorite Vita game (not counting remasters and remakes) and it really pains me to not buy it’s sequel. I have a PS4 but this is a dick move from Sony and I will not be supporting it.

  • Buckybuckster

    My rational side tells me that I should have seen this coming. But now is not the time for being rational. This represents nothing less than a big middle finger from Sony to Vita fans everywhere. I don’t think I have ever hated a company who’s product I absolutely love more than I do now. I hope they don’t think that this will make me more likely to purchase a PS 4 now…. if ever.
    It blows my mind thinking how differently the VIta’s narrative could have been if only Sony had as much love for it as we do. Time and time again it’s treatment of it has been nothing short of criminal.