And another app for the Vita is losing support and going away. Sony announced today that all support for the Facebook app on the PS Vita, PS TV and the PS3 is ending in January 2016.

The Facebook app now joins YouTube and Maps as applications that have had their support dropped. Of course both Facebook and YouTube can still be accessed through the Vita via the built in browser even if the user experience isn’t as smooth. It’s also worth noting that the Facebook app was one of the few that made the transition over to the PlayStation TV, but unfortunately it’s tenure proved to not be that long.

To facilitate in the shutting down of the app, PlayStation will be removing the app from the PSN Store, and it will no longer be available to download effective today, September 15. It is still available through the Vita, so if your desperate to try it out, download it now before it’s too late.

  • WillMerfi

    I don’t have Facebook but definitely not an encouraging sign.

  • Frito Laye

    There is a Facebook app? Why? its a handheld game device.

  • …yeah, never used it anyways!!!…

  • Reza Gerami

    I can honestly say that the Facebook-app is the shittiest thing the Vita has to offer next to the shitfest-excuse of a game called “Get off my lawn!”.
    The youtube-app was neat for when you were sitting on the crapper and wanted a pause from gaming but the facebook-app? Worthless. When I think about it, the FB-apps for android, iOS and WP8 are pretty shitty as well. I always use the browser.

    The Vita getting rid of the FB-app is a cause for celebration.

  • Lester Paredes

    Facebook on vita always puzzled me. I have my phone, always.