The Tokyo Game Show delivers once again as it brings new details and footage for one of our most anticipated new titles – Attack on Titan.

First up we get news of how the story will unfold. As it’s set to contain the entirety of the story we’ve seen thus far from the anime (plus some extra), those who’ve seen it will see familiar scenes while newcomers to the series will be able to jump in without worry of “missing something.” A decent compromise, especially since anyone who has seen the anime would love to act out those bad-ass battles and scenes!

Speaking of which, check out some of the anime’s memorable moments game-ified in the screenshots below;

Next up, we have eight minutes of PS4-sourced gameplay (the Vita game should play the same, just scaled down to the hardware);

Attack on Titan is on track to release in Japan this Winter, and in the West sometime next year.

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