The emotional and thought-provoking Actual Sunlight released on the NA store last month, and when Zach reviewed it he said “Actual Sunlight is one of the most mature games I’ve ever played. Using a mixture of the visual novel and point-and-click formats, the game tells a brief, yet sweet story about a man who is dealing with depression and suicide.”

In Actual Sunlight, you step into the shoes of Evan Winter, a depressed and overweight 30-something professional in Toronto. The game offers an internal perspective on his life which is often difficult and sad, but also engaging and darkly humorous.

The game will be arriving in English-Language EU stores on October 7th.

Developer Will O’Neill spoke to us about Actual Sunlight and you can find the interview (and the review) in the latest issue of our FREE PSVita e-magazine, which you can read here.

Are you one of the many that asked for a European release? Have you picked up already NA gamers? Or are you disappointed that it will be English-only? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Ali Johnson

    Hmmm good news for us eu gamers not getting bummed this time

  • Yoyitsu

    t’s not a fun game, instead it’s a remarkable and touching experience.

  • Dchaundy1

    This has been on my radar for a while – looks intriguing!

  • Cousin Jeffrey


  • Ichigo Yoite

    Great news! Definitely getting this!