The latest update for Minecraft is coming to the Vita today to bring the version number up to 1.20. This continues 4J Studios’ trend of updating and adding new features to the game on a monthly basis. So what can we expect in version 1.20?

First, let’s talk about the bugs have been squashed in this update, since the list is very short this month:

  • Fixed a memory leak causing frame rate issues.
  • Fixed an issue causing signs to go blank for network players.

But we don’t love these updates for the bug fixes (usually) but rather for the new content they bring with them. This month’s update paves the way to bring the Dr. Who DLC Skin Packs to the Vita.

The Dr. Who I and II Skins Bundle will be available as a separate purchase and brings with it over 100 new skins based on the Dr. Who universe. You can now theme your worlds based on the classic BBC show while you play as the good Doctor as well as Amy Pond, Rose Tyler, or K-9.

As always, there will be a free trial for the new content to give you a taste of the new stuff.

The update should be rolling out later today across all systems, but in the meantime you can take a look at the gallery below to get an idea of what will be available.

  • Yoyitsu

    Yes, yes, yes. It’s about time! Now I can finally play as the Doctor!
    Is the 12th Doctor skin in this DW pack or does it only cover 1st-11th?