You might have caught a mention of it in yesterday’s Store Post, but the team at Depth First Games have this week launched Rally Copters on the North American store.

Developed by a studio comprised on industry veterans, Rally Copters is a 2.5D physics-driven, helicopter time-trial game with a style reminiscent of a classic, vector-based arcade game. You’ll be piloting four unique helicopters through a number of challenging obstacles and gauntlets, and mastering the momentum of the vehicle will be crucial for navigating the 27 increasingly-difficult levels.

Our press release explains that the game features:

· Navigate a vibrant, virtual world using four futuristic helicopters.
· Simple but challenging 2D, physics-driven gameplay that feels classic and fresh.
· Master advanced techniques to shave precious seconds from your times and earn higher rankings.
· Splitscreen, two-player races allow you to compete head-to-head with a friend (PS4™ only).
· Race against the world! Rally Copter’s target times are based on the collective records of other players. So when you earn the toughest medals, you know you are one of the best in the world!
· 12 fun, but challenging, Trophies that target completers
· Using the latest engine from Unity 3D ensures Rally Copters looks fantastic while also allowing for smooth frame-rate.

As you learn and master new techniques, your times will obviously improve and as you’d expect, you can compare your times with your friends via the leaderboard. Rally Copters has a unique twist, however, and will dynamically change the medal requirements from one day to the next, so anything earned today could be rescinded the next.

The game released on September 22nd for $12.99 and has cross-buy support with the PS4 version. We will bring you a review as soon as we can, and will bring you more news on a European release as we have it. Does this look like something you’d be interested in?