Digerati Distribution & Marketing has taken to Twitter today to show off the fact that Paranautical Activity is up and running on our favourite handheld.

First-person shooter with a roguelike twist Paranautical Activity is officially up and running on Vita, according to a tweet made by Digerati less than an hour ago. The tweet shows the game running on the console, along with an allusion to the fact that it’s playable.

Check out the original tweet below;

Have we perked your interest? I know the tweet about the game running has certainly perked mine (despite it’s blocky look and my aversion to that) – I actually hadn’t heard of it before, but will be keeping an eye out now!

PS; If you’re interested to see it running, here’s a non-Vita gameplay trailer for reference;

  • Frito Laye

    this does not look good at all.

  • Ali Johnson

    Good damn man this is my type of thing Iam die from hype lol jk good looking game though

  • Logan Graham

    Isn’t this the guy that threatened Gabe Newell and got taken off Steam as a result?

    • BDawg

      Yes, that was this game. He apologised and later the game was put back up.

  • Buckybuckster

    Some quickplays I’ve watched of this have commented on it’s similarity to The Binding of Issac but in 3D. If so I’m in!

  • BDawg

    I’ve played this on PC, and it’s OK but got boring pretty quickly.
    Might just wait for Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth instead.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Reminds me of Wuake, insta buy I guess.

  • brendan dunn

    when is this coming out?? or how do i get it

  • PizzaSlapper

    I’m pretty hyped this is coming out. I absolutely love this game and apparently they’re aiming for a late October release! Also, really curious about how it’ll control. Please let it be customizable I want to use the L button to jump!

  • xxAcesHighxx

    I’d love Paranautical Activity on Vita! Fingers crossed, huh?!