Bandai Namco and Granzella have announced a new game titled Project City Shrouded in Shadow, which seems to be a tentative title.

The game is a survival action/adventure game, and it features life forms that are 7-meters tall, has flying objects that are just as large, and other things that are considered threats to humankind.

The story is set within this world and has people trying to survive in it; the game will tell the stories of these humans attempting to live.

Siliconera reports that the name “City Shrouded in Shadow” was revealed in a teaser for the game by Bandai Namco before Tokyo Game Show. Granzella’s Kazuma Kujo is directing and designing the game, while Bandai Namco’s Kensuke Tsukanaka produces it.

Project City Shrouded in Shadow doesn’t have a release date, but The Vita Lounge will be sure to let you know when it does.

  • Buckybuckster

    Like the visuals on this one. Look forward to learning more.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I am really afraid of beeing excited about this, But I hope everything comes out good.