Might No. 9 has been plagued with delays – the latest being in August, with the trial being delayed just a few weeks ago. However, it seems the Mega Man successor finally has a concrete release date.

Deep Silver has revealed that the game will launch on Vita on February 9 in North America and February 12 in Europe. Vita will only be given a digital release.

Be sure to check out the latest trailer for Mighty No. 9, and keep it tuned at The Vita Lounge for all your Vita news.

  • Lester Paredes

    Does that release date include the handheld versions? I’ve always heard them being released ‘later’, with no ball park date in mind. Hopefully, they all make that date. Though, with how shady development has been for this game, I wonder how much enthusiasm has waned on it. I, for one, am gonna wait. My backlog is big enough to to make into a club and deadly enough to bludgeon my enemies to death with.

    • Zach Price

      It does, but I’ve added it to the news story to be clearer. Thanks.

      • Lester Paredes

        Cool! Release date parity! Always a good thing. Now, here’s hoping the game is good and isn’t overshadowed completely by the development woes and delays.

  • Buckybuckster

    Nice to know. Still looking forward to it although my excitement for it has waned a bit.

  • Dchaundy1

    Picked up the Legacy Collection on ps4 – holy mackeral I can’t remember it being so freaking hard! Wish LC had crossbuy with vita:/ looking forward to this tho!

  • Frito Laye

    going to be classic when it turns out this game blows chunks