Developer Tom Happ hopes that the Vita version will be ready later this year.

If you are reeling from the news that I just posted about Broforce’s cancellation then you’ll probably be hoping that we avoid any more indie game development announcements for the rest of the day, but thankfully we’ve got a good one for you.

After being worried that Axiom Verge has been canned/delayed or subject to a permanent hiatus following many rumours and a lack of information, developer Tom Happ posted some information on the Axiom Verge website to explain a little more.

Having just had a baby with his Mrs – and promising her that he would take a few months off as paternity – there were medical concerns with their new youngster which all seem to be under control now. He then went on the explain what’s been happening behind the scenes.

The PS4 version of Axiom Verge was developed using Monogame and Tom explains that a Vita-compatible version has not materialised.
The original plan was that Mono would come out for Vita and I would just port over the same code I used for PS4, but I think something happened with Xamarin, and the Mono port never materialized (perhaps they wanted more money from Sony than the Vita games could reasonably return? I don’t know the details, this is just a guess). But then a small miracle happened and the folks at Sickhead (who also develop Monogame) started developing a C# to C++ cross compiler, and Sony asked them to do the Vita ports for both AV and Towerfall.”

Axiom Verge

This new solution does come at a slight cost, as Tom continues:
The downside is that this work is really, really hard. Originally they were thinking the tech would be ready in June, but it’s obviously slipped. C# does a great job of shielding users from complex native underpinnings, and this is what Tom Spilman and folks need to replicate in full. From what I gather they have Towerfall running to some degree but AV is a more difficult beast in terms of things like executable size, memory usage, graphical complexity, etc. My personal prediction would be it’ll be ready late this year, but it’s hard to know for sure.

So, congratulations to Tom and his better half for the arrival of baby Alastair and wish them all the best, we will look forward to getting our hands on Axiom Verge later this year. Hopefully!

  • Nonscpo

    Yay I guess!

  • Yoyitsu

    Congratulations to the happy couple! Alastair is an awesome name!
    My personal thanks to Sickhead for taking on the apparently difficult task of doing the Vita ports of Towerfall Ascension and Axiom Verge.

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  • CycloneFox

    I will definitely get this. I could just get the PS4 version already (which will be cross buy anyway, I think), but I want to play it on Vita, only.