The explosive and destructive side-scrolling platformer will now only be coming to the PS4.

As part of my round-up for an upcoming EGX feature – following the exploits of Charlie and myself at the UKs biggest gaming event – I’ve been getting in touch with all of the developers we met or that had games there. As we didn’t meet South African developers Free Lives, the team behind Broforce, we sent them an email.

We were hoping that we would be able to secure an interview or a feature for Broforce, and the reply we received from the studio’s “Dev Whisperer” Basil John Scordilis has left us a little devastated.

Although our original plans were for PS4 and PSVita, this has since changed. We are currently only porting to PS4, not Vita. I know there hasn’t been any official coverage on this and for this I must apologize.

We have since reached out to Basil again for more information.

Were you looking forward to Broforce? Are you still planning on getting it on PS4? Let us know what you think of this news in the comments.

  • ruefrak

    Bro Force was probably too taxing for the system. Though to be honest, I kept getting this game and Super Time Force Ultra confused.

    I’m guessing Mercenary Kings has been canceled too?

    • Kevin Aaronson

      As recent as a month ago, mercenary Dev said they would get back to work on it after their other game curse and chaos was finished.

      • Kendall

        Any update?

        • Kevin Aaronson

          They posted this today.

          • Kendall

            Thank you.

    • Joel Anderson

      8 bit too taxing, yeah right.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Someone should write a list of all cancelled PS Vita games.

  • joaovictorop

    This is a shame, Sony just throw the PS VITA in the garbage. Even the Indies games are abandoning the VITA.

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  • Jason Rumph

    Thats just what the vita was missing to another side scrolling indie platformer

  • Miguel Oliveira

    Was really looking foward too this one, not going too bother myself with the ps4 version. Atleast we still have axion

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  • Nonscpo


  • Jason

    Hey Paul…

    I just contacted Jorge Cabezas from BlitWorks and they said that the PS Vita port of Bastion is indeed still a “go” and being worked on as we speak. I can send you the email if you would like.

    • Tyler just played it at PAX, so we were already aware – but thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Ali Johnson

    Just fuck off this seems a play on the go for

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, to be honest, I was only interested in the Vita version anyway. Seemed a perfect game for on the go. I have a terrible backlog of actual PS4 games:. MGSV, Resident Evil remake, The Witcher, Shadow of Mordor, Wolfenstein, Tomb Raider, MKX, New and Tasty, Borderlands, and soon Fallout 4 and Darksiders 2 for PS4. I guess I’ll be skipping it unless it goes free.

  • schwopfel47295z24892

    Oh no, what a disapointment. Broforce was one of the few games I was eagerly looking towards for the Vita. The other games are Hyper Light Drifter and “Muse: Together is the New Alone”. Did the developer give any reasons?

  • Chizu

    Welp, another game I have no reason to buy now. Thanks for helping me save money guise.

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  • Sheroum Christ

    Shit yeah thx to save my money …. SAD I WAS SO HAPPY TO PLAY IT ON MY VITA !