It’s been quite a while since we’ve last heard about V3’s Bokosuka Girls: Tatsunoko Gakuen Climax, but now we get word that the game is set to include swimsuit battles.

Bokosuka Girls is a game about a group of high school girls (and aspiring idols) who equip J-Suits to save the world from those who don evil Dokuro Wear and their master – the ruler of a fallen army. The primary method of victory includes beating the clothes off your opponent, so it’s no wonder that this game also has a bikini battle element.

It has just been revealed via Famitsu that Bokosuka Girls: Tatsunoko Gakuen Climax will be coming to Vita with water-based swimsuit battles alongside the regular ones, so if you’re looking for more reason to keep your eye on this one there you go.


Bokosuka Girls was originally set to release this year, though it’s worth noting that the Famitsu article doesn’t mention a release date – so things may have changed with regards to timing.

  • Kaboom

    Still doubting this’ll be released westward. But hey, if SK and Akiba made it, this has a chance. And I am already interested lol.

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks like it could be fun. Ever since I played Senran Kagura, I’ve stopped dismissing games that have fanservice outright. I think I may have grown a bit as a gamer. Maybe.