Another stability update has been issued for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV, peppered with Sony’s usual exploit-blocking fixes for a nice little kick.

PlayStation Vita firmware version 3.55 is now rolling out alongside the PlayStation 4’s big “Kenshin” 3.00 update, and it offers the usual stability updates… as well as a block for a recent PlayStation TV whitelist hack.

Users uninterested in such naughty things should get to updating.

That’s all of you, right?

  • Ali Johnson

    Sony are liars they only block hacks there is no system stability upgrade

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      Bingo! Down below, is a list of current issues they will never fix:
      Enable volume adjustment while the Vita is on the cradle
      Infamous c2-12828-1 error code for all games, no matter how many times you’ve formatted and/or reorganized the data inside your Vita memory card; Eventually this error will “make room” in your memory card and corrupt savefiles.

      Unusual overheating while playing Helldivers in the desert or in the forest, later evolving to either disabling the 3G modem (for OG 1000 Vita) or force-restarting the device during gameplay. This could be Arrowhead’s fault, but judging by the update they’ve released yesterday, which does not address this issue, I’m just pointing the finger at sony.

      It took an “update” to change the PSN icon when you check your trophies on the Vita; Might as well take an other update to make it possible to buy “PS Vita” avatars that can be used on the handheld, instead of the ps3. That’s right, the “PS Vita” avatar you bought off PSN cannot be used on your Vita, unless you have a ps3 to “install” it.

      The list goes on and on, but I’m going to stop here. They’ll never fix it for real anyway.

      • Ali Johnson

        Wow thanks for replying with such info I appreciate it 😀 but as we all see Sony is just updating the ps4 and nothing for vita :/

      • Ali Johnson

        Also about the error that pops exactly after u open the game that happened for me after installing super exploding zoo soo that game messed my vita real good and I can’t do anything about it but luckily it doesn’t happen to all games but when it does the game keep constantly crashing not allowing me to play 🙁

  • Lester Paredes

    Y’know, I tried the exploit. And I was very excited, until I realized all the games I wanted to play on the tv had a motion control segment, or touchscreen controls (except new little king’s story). So, there’s that. Still have to wonder why MGS Collection and pthers aren’t available.