After showing the latest trailer for World of Final Fantasy at TGS 2015 last month, Square Enix has now shared some new screenshots for the upcoming PlayStation Vita and PS4 title.

Ena Kuro (CV: Kana Hanazawa):


One day, a mysterious woman called Ena Kuro meets protagonist Reynn and Lann.


“Perhaps there’s a way to bring back your memories” she says to the pair as she invites them to the unknown world of Grymoire.

Here we see Cornelia, an area that made an appearance in the very first Final Fantasy;


Near Cornelia is ‘Nebula’s Cave’ – a dark and dusky area with something awaiting you at its end!


The first town that you visit in Grymoire, Cornelia is where you will meet some of the Final Fantasy Legend characters including the Warrior of Light and Princess Sarah. You can see the Warrior of Light in the image below witnessing his moment of ‘awakening’.

Another returning character is Lightning from the Final Fantasy XIII series. Just like the Warrior of Light and Cloud, she will appear as a ‘Saver’ to help out in battle.

Here we get a look at the Forest of Light – where it is said that people easily get lost, and the Icicle Valley dungeon that is covered in ice and slippery floors.

This image shows a certain port town. There are rumours floating around that a pirate ship is visiting this area.


If you wish to travel in World of Final Fantasy, then you will do so in luxury by using the train.


Conductor Cactuar (CV: Shigeru Chiba):


Conductor Cactuar will also help you out during your journey as you travel by train. He says that he’s a “Mirage” (monsters and Guardian Beasts in World of Final Fantasy).

Below we can see more Guardian Beast Mirages, namely Shiva, Ramuh and Ifrit. They will be there to help you with their powers throughout your journey.


Shiva uses ice-type attacks, Ramuh specialises in electrical attacks whilst Ifrit uses fire-based attacks – as seen in the ‘Hellfire’ attack below.


In exchange for all of your party’s Mirages, you’ll get to summon a “Mega Mirage,” which are basically extra powerful Mirages that fight by your side. The above is a look at the Mega Mirage Cerberus.

There are a number of different abilities that you can use whilst stacked or separated in battle. An example of this is that when stacked with allied mirages you will get more attack, HP and access to special abilities. If un-stacked, then you will recover AP a lot faster so that you can use your abilities more often with less risk of getting defeated in one shot – adding a more strategic element to battles.

Set to release in 2016, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for more news on World of Final Fantasy as soon as we hear more!


  • Miguel Oliveira

    This game is becoming more abd more interesting

  • Lester Paredes

    Stop shoving Lightning down our throats, Squeenix! But otherwise, I must say, I’m looking forward to this. Even if it is featuring… Girl(-ier) Cloud Strife.