Super Meat Boy is well-known for its soundtrack; however, it seems that it won’t be exactly the same on the Vita.

Tommy Refenes, co-founder of Team Meat, made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog. Refenes revealed that the developers couldn’t secure the original soundtrack’s rights for the Vita version, but they have re-scored it with new artists.

Ridiculon, who worked on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, is scoring the majority of the soundtrack. The group re-scored the Hell, The Forest, The Rapture, The End, the intro music and title screen parts. David “Scattle” Scatliffe, who had songs in the popular Hotline Miami, also scored some of the songs in the game, including The Hospital and Salt Factory. Lastly, Laura Shigihara, who scored Plants vs. Zombies, re-scored The Cotton Alley.

Refenes also gave us a taste of the new soundtrack, with “Fasten Your Meatbelts (Hell Boss)” by Ridiculon.

Super Meat Boy launches Oct. 6 on the Vita, and will be free for PlayStation Plus members.

  • XrosBlader821

    God this New soundtrack sounds f*cking fantastic!
    I really need to renew my PS Plus subscription for this.

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