The Muv-Luv Kickstarter has surpassed its $500,000 PlayStation Vita goal and a Vita version is now a lock.

We talked about Muv-Luv possibly coming to Vita nearly a month and a half ago when the official Twitter account outed the existence of a PlayStation Vita stretch goal in their Kickstarter campaign, but now we’re back with better news.

The Muv-Luv Kickstarter has not only been funded, but has reached the $500,000 PlayStation Vita stretch goal (dropped from $600,000) ensuring a release on our favourite handheld.

As previously stated, Muv-Luv is a visual novel about a boy with two love interests that must make the choice – all while dreaming about a promise he made to a girl long ago. It also includes a wacky arc with Unlimited mode, which features mechanized robots fighting back against aliens known as BETA.

The project doesn’t yet have a solid release date, but their Kickstarter notes that they’re trying for an initial release in March of 2016. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more on Muv-Luv as it develops, and jump to the Kickstarter to pledge for a copy if you’re interested.

  • Nonscpo

    We did it! >_<

    P.S. For anyone interested, the campaign now has a $60 Vita exclusive bundle, that gets you all three games:

    P.S.S For anyone interested, I created a disqus page to discuss all of this:

    • Uzair Syed

      I’m on ep 20/24 of Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse which is the only muv luv thing I’ve touched.

      I read a TE VN spoiler though…and its making me not want to continue…any chance the LN will change the end story..particularly the romance?

      • Nonscpo

        To be honest I’m intentionally avoiding any of the other properties or spinoffs. I want to start this with a blank slate, no spoilers, cause once you start theres no going back. Sorry I’m not familiar with the Light Novels.

        • Uzair Syed

          Ahh I see. Well I really wish I hadn’t read the spoiler about the spin off because it was atotal turn off, not to spoil anything.

          Excited to play this too!

          • Nonscpo

            Yeah that’s the one problem with visual novels, the story is everything. So if anything is spoiled, it affects the overall enjoyment. The biggest thing to consider on my end, is do I go with the PC port or the Vita port? Afterall, the 18+ content doesn’t technically add anything important, so I could end up playing on my portable or my tablet.

          • Uzair Syed

            I personally would go for Vita for the portability factor and reading on the bus. Not a huge fan of playing games on PC either though. Actually that spoiled ending makes me wonder if this series is more like a book and less like a many choices/endings type of visual novel…

          • Kaetokiha

            What spin off? Muv-Luv extra/unlimited/Alternative are the main series.

            Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse is somewhat a spin off.

          • Uzair Syed

            I’m talking about TE