New trailer reveals puzzler will also be heading to PC and Linux.

Its been a long time coming, but almost a year since our last article on the fourth-person puzzle game Pavilion, developer VisionTrick Media have revealed a new trailer. The latest video gives us a better look at the games gorgeous level design, but also announces that the game will now be releasing on Windows and Linux, as well as PS Vita and PS4. The title had originally been slated as a Sony exclusive.


More positive news is that the game will be released in two chapters, with the first expected by the end of the year and the second at some point in 2016.

Pavilion will give a challenging experience to the player. There will be no tutorials in the game, with the developer informing players that by “interacting and observing you gradually, bit by bit, learn things about both the puzzling gameplay and the world itself.”

Check out the trailer below, which showcases the beautiful visuals and gameplay that explores how players will need to manipulate the surroundings to proceed.

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