Honestly, that’s the real name.

The PS Vita is no stranger to puzzlers and there will soon be a new addition to the family. The oddly, yet brilliantly, named 2D puzzler Red Game Without a Great Name will be making the jump from iOS to PS Vita.

As you would expected, the game is covered in the colour red and is set in a steampunk world. You control a mechanical bird as it attempts to deliver post. The art style can be compared to that of Limbo, with silhouettes filling the screen as well as an array of different pieces of machinery.


There are 60 levels to navigate, and each one is filled with a host of different deadly contraptions all set on ending our mechanical friends journey. The game also evokes memories of The Swapper, as you will need to use your ability to teleport in any direction to bypass each and every obstacle.

There is no confirmed release title for The Red Game Without a Great Name, but we can expect it on PS Vita in the near future.


  • Yoyitsu

    Reminds me of Velocity, but sideways instead of overhead. I’m loving that soundtrack!

    • Ali Johnson

      Yep the teleportation thingy