Compile Heart have released the debut trailer for their upcoming Dungeon RPG, Death Under the LabyrinthCheck it out below.

As you saw above, the trailer introduces the games characters and features in video form for the first time, as well as this it also shows the games turn based battle system. Also revealed were the musicians for both the opening and ending themes of the game;

Opening Theme: “Ryuusei no Ribbon”

  • Singer: Kanaha Mori
  • Lyrics: Midori Ide
  • Composition: Tenpei Sato

Ending Theme: “Starry Night”

  • Singer: Serena Tanaka
  • Lyrics: Ar†cana
  • Composition: Tenpei Sato

Death Under The Labyrinth is set to release in Japan on December 17th and we’ll be sure to share more info on the title leading up to launch.