This week’s Jump has given us some new details on Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Builders.

First, two new characters are introduced: Rolondo and Prin. Rolondo is the son of the former mayor of Merkid, and has the “Merkid Record,” though it’s unknown what’s actually written. Prin is a girl who asks you, the hero, for various favors. Square Enix also revealed that Skeleton, Dracky and Droll will appear as monsters in Builders.


Other details given were about the town and adventuring. While building your town, you’ll gradually attract residents. You will also gather information from them that will better help you to develop the town. When your town’s development reaches a certain point, you’ll be able to use the “Travel Door,” allowing you to travel to new lands. Lastly, during your adventure, you’ll encounter monsters attacking other people on your travels.

Dragon Quest Builders launches Jan 28 in Japan.


  • Buckybuckster

    Definitely will have more fun with this than Minecraft. Hopeful this makes it to the west.