It was only just over a week ago that we learned that Muv-Luv was a lock for Vita, but now we’re back to tell you that it’s getting a physical version as well.

That’s right folks, according to the Muv-Luv Kickstarter page you can secure yourself a physical copy of the game (which includes the entire trilogy) for an $80 pledge and a wait ’til next November.


If the base game (the entire trilogy – but just the games) isn’t enough for you then there’s also the $150 pledge option, which will net a signed collector’s display box, a special artbook, and the Master OST on a physical DVD.


Muv-Luv is currently set to hit PlayStation Vita in March with Extra and Unlimited storylines, and then in August for Alternative. It seems as if the wait for a physical version will be a little longer than the wait for the digital one however, so keep that in mind!

  • The physical tiers changed everything for me, gotta up my pledge now 🙂

  • Devin Hudson

    Hopefully a comment I read about the physical versions being available outside of Kickstarter is true, because I definitely don’t have $80 right now to put towards a game that isn’t coming out until over a year from now. I don’t want to miss out on this, but right now it just isn’t feasible for me.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    Ive never backed one of these kickstarters… but this… I want. Can I trust them?

  • alterku

    Reminder that all Vita versions are the censored versions, so you aren’t going to be playing the true versions of the games. This changed my opinion on bothering with the Vita version from “I’d consider it” to “forget it.”

    • Maxy

      Porn doesn’t play any role in this game and censoring of gore is close to insignificant. Calling it “untrue” is kinda… too much.