Compile Heart bring us a new customization-focused trailer for Death Under the Labyrinth.

The newly revealed trailer shows off the fact that the mecha-like Guardian partners can be customized with parts, different types of parts changing different things and adding different skills.

  • Body parts adding stats for HP, attack, magic attack, defense, magic defense, and speed. They can also add skills, however not all do.
  • Arms add between one and three offensive skills, and add to both attack types – while pairing arms will add special skills to the mix.
  • Your Makai Core is like a multiplier for the other parts, with different cores having a huge effect on stats. Some include skills and other special effects.

It’s notable that the stats of the Guardians are also influenced by the Makai Soldiers (main characters), with each soldier having an elemental bonus and effect on Guardian stats. You can increase these elemental bonuses via magic gems, and you can equip up to eight maximum.

Lastly, we see the Form Change feature shown off towards the end of the video, with the changing of costumes offering various bonuses to stats.

Interested in seeing it in action? Check it out below;

Death Under the Labyrinth is due out December 17th in Japan.

  • Kaboom

    So what’s the chance of this coming West.