Another rather large patch has been issued for the Vita version of Resident Evil Revelations 2, bringing fixes and a new display setting to the table.

That’s right guys, the mid-August released Revelations 2 was just updated to version 1.03 with its second 972MB delta patch so far – the full details of which are available below;


The patch is live now, and post-install size appears to be 3894MB – so we’re not losing much space at all.

Time to update, zombie killers!

  • Giant_Z

    Thank you to let us know about the update (=
    I like RRR2 and especially Raid Mode.

  • Christopher Hill

    I want to save space w/ the phys copy, so I’m thinking of importing an english language asian copy, but I’m wondering if I’ll still get patches/DLC since my account is NA. Any experience with this? Thanks!

    • Patches are region free and you’ll get whatever available patches for your version no matter where you are and what account you use. As for DLC, that’s a no.

      • Christopher Hill

        Thanks Kyle, that’s good to know!

        • rtlf

          Yup I have the asian version with english language and the patches work fine

    • Jorge Fernandez Santiago

      I have it, the DLC is on the cartridge

      • The DLC included in the transfer – yes, but that’s not really DLC for us. Actual DLC (items you have to download from the PSN) won’t work across regions.

  • Zero Eternity

    So how gigs does that put this game at? 7-8?

    • It says at the end of the post; 3894MB (~3.8GB)

      • Zero Eternity

        lol I meant in total. The game itself was 2.9 gigs, had a day one patch/update for 900MBs I think then got a another patch and finally this one. admittedly I’ll find out once I eventually download it.

      • Zero Eternity

        Ah okay now I get it thank you.

  • chizwoz

    And it STILL looks worse than the 3DS prequel.

    • Diego

      It’s normal, Revelations 1 was designed for the 3DS and Revelations 2 is designed for the next-gen consoles, it’s not really good optimized so the Vita version is not really looking good.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    So whats the download size for people with the physical version?

  • “Paused enemy activity during loading times.” I think that would have been a given because the game would be completely cheap/unfair otherwise. haha

    Almost a 4GB game. I wish this would have seen a physical release in North America.

  • Jordi Camana

    Hey , anyone know how is the responsible for this port ? because i read sony dont make this game. I bought the physical version from japan ( Biohazard Rev2 ) i can understand the downgrade and image its ok for me, but the terrible lag , loading times and sound is a bullsh*t! . My first worst experience with my vita . Only in a few scenarios for raid mode its ok ( the lag ) . This game need a update for the lag or frame rate.

  • Jordi Camana

    @teflontactics:disqus Thanks mate .. i found the twitter account for Frima Studio. .