Bandai Namco Entertainment Japan has released their second TV commercial for the upcoming God Eater: Resurrection.

A fifteen second spot, this new commercial is mostly gameplay – just as it should be. 😉

Check it out;

Oh, and for reference here’s the first commercial (we seem to have missed it the first time around 🙁 );

God Eater: Resurrection is due out in Japan on October 29th, though a demo with the ability to transfer data over is available now for those interested (and on a Japanese account).

  • Danny Klemola

    LooKs Like Another Monster Hunter Flex …. Might Be Worth It If It Hits The West !..

  • Still want this game localized 🙁

  • Lester Paredes

    Damn it all. I might just have to import it. Anyone play the import? I can probably use Google Translate on certain sections of the game, but will I be completely lost on the story cutscenes? Someone please help! I guess I have some research to do tonight….

    Edit: I just know the second I break down and import it, it’ll get announced to come over west. I just know it… It’s why I rarely import games that I’m interested in.

  • Buckybuckster

    You’ve been bringing over most of your major releases Bamco, why not this? Have you not heard the clamor for a western release?