GAIJINWORKS have revealed the English opening movie for their upcoming PSP JRPG Summon Knight 5as well as a pretty cool marketing tactic to help lower the games release price.

First of all check out the trailer below;

Alongside the trailer the “Retweet Price Slicer” campaign was revealed on Twitter, by simply retweeting the tweet below fans can reduce the price of the game when it launches in the US.

The price will reduce if it hits the following milestones;

  • At 250 retweets: $33.99
  • At 500 retweets: $32.99
  • At 1,000 retweets: $31.99
  • At 2,000 retweets: $30.99
  • At 4,000 retweets: $29.99
  • At 5,000 retweets: $28.99

If this news excites you then be sure to check out our recent interview with GAIJINWORKS here, in which they discuss bringing the game to the West and be sure to stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for further updates.

  • Lester Paredes

    If I had twitter, I would tweet about it. But since I don’t, I won’t. I don’t mind paying full price. I just wish it wasn’t digital only. But, then again, physical sales of vita games aren’t usually the best/worthwile to do.