Marvelous has dropped a bunch of (tiny) new Bhikkhuni screens for us to gawk at, along with some Nyuu Nyuu DX Limited Edition details.

Battle can be engaged in via air or ground, with the square and triangle buttons providing the keys to a variety of combos. You can also use the circle button to attack, with a press triggering an upward swing and a hold executing a knockback. The right trigger allowes you to evade, and the “X” button will put you in Phantom mode.

00511In phantom mode you get a speed boost, allowing you to take out close enemies and close the gap on further ones with ease. It works both on the ground and in air (as most actions do in this game) and is a valuable move that will get you out of some tight spots.


Damage dealing in battle will result in a costume break, with strong or sustained attacks able to take out your entire outfit. That said, attacking enemies will raise your synchronization rate, with the Exter sync able to fill up your Drive Gauge up to four times over. The more times it’s filled, the more powerful a weapon the girls can become.


In addition to new details on the gameplay, we’ve also got a look at the Nyuu Nyuu DX Limited Edition – which includes the following;

  • Special Edition Box (Illustration by Mana Kakkowarai)
  • An Art Book (With Character Designs & Illustrations)
  • Original Soundtrack CD
  • Drama CD
  • Valkyrie Drive Limited Box Art

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni is due out in Japan on December 10th, with buyers of the Nyuu Nyuu DX pack getting priority ticket purchasing rights for the “Valkyrie Drive Project All-Star Thanksgiving” event held on February 7th (you’ll have until December 23 to submit your application).

  • Yoyitsu

    You control a pair of sisters and they transform in the same way as the anime, correct?