Death Under the Labyrinth is an upcoming dungeon crawling JRPG being developed by Compile Heart. Recently they gave us a story trailer which you can watch here, but now another new trailer displays exactly how the mechs in the game – known as Guardians – work in battle.

Check it out;

Who wouldn’t want a mech to team up with in a fight? Here our heroines partner up with a unique Guardian and (depending on how you customize them) each will have different attributes and levels of skill. The heroines will be able to provide support with heals and buffs.

The video also shows us three Guardians combining their powers to preform an all out attack on an enemy, a very popular cliché, yet still handy when it comes to boss fights.

Death Under the Labyrinth comes out on December 17th in Japan.

  • Lester Paredes

    While not very interesting visually (it looks like a 3DS game, not that that’s a bad thing), the mechanics of it all looks like it could be fun. Wouldn’t mind another waifu game, that’s for certain. Ahh… so many waifus on my Playstation Vita.