Sanuk Games announced on the EU Blog that their interpretation of the classic explosive title Bomberman will be releasing this week.

Yan Marchal, the manager for the Thai studio said that the game is about to “rock the PlayStation Vita” and will see you bombing “swarms of critters” in 30 mazes, facing “hellish bosses” along the way.

Featuring cross-buy with the PS4 version, Yan described the game as ranging from “hard to harder, hardest and then extreme” in difficulty, but says that you can easily restart if you fail or even skip bosses if you need to.

Bombing Busters

Set amongst five “picturesque” worlds you’ll encounter lots of environmental gimmicks, items and power ups. Yan also describes a multiplayer mode, but it seems to require a PS4 – we are trying to clarify if there is any other Vita multiplayer options.

Have you been waiting for Bombing Busters? Are you a fan of the old-school Bomberman games? Let us know in the comments, and we will bring you a review as soon as we can!

  • Lester Paredes

    Bomberman was a fun party game, though I was terrible at it. No bones about it, though: when playing alone, it was pretty boring. Hopefully their single player portion is a good distraction, and hopefully they’ll have some sort of online feature on vita.

  • Buckybuckster

    Now that Konami has gone all wonky, this is probably the closest will get to seeing a actual Bomberman game on Vita. Hope it’s fun!