Grab your guns and prep your mech because today is Liberty Day! Arrowhead Studios is celebrating the occasion with a new update for Helldivers which makes the war to spread democracy through the universe even more intense.

The new 4.0 update brings with it new missions, new ranks, and a new name. Now known as Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back, this free expansion continues in the tradition of the previous two updates. Players will now be able to level up to a rank of 50, which is 20 ranks higher than before. It’s a long and brutal battle to rise that high, but perhaps the new mission type will aid in that quest.

Also included in the expansion is the new Retaliatory Strike Mission. This has the Helldivers dropping down into enemy strongholds in need of liberation. Waves of bugs, bots, and ‘borgs will do their best to kick you out, but democracy must prevail. It’s a new mode that provides a whole new set of challenges to overcome.

There are also two new DLC reinforcements which can be purchased separately. They include the Terrain Specialist and the Precision Expert.






The Terrain Specialist will be able to navigate through areas that bog down normal Helldivers. Thanks to specially equipped boots, they will be able to quickly navigate through snow or swamp, making it easier to evade the enemy.

The Terrain Specialist Pack includes:

  • All Terrain Boots Perk – The Helldiver All Terrain Boots allows you to power through difficult terrain. Great for snow planets or when you need to cross a swamp.
  • Missile Barrage Stratagem – A portable missile battery fires a salvo at the targeted location, pretty much obliterating anything in the targeted area.
  • The Terrain Specialist Uniform, a cosmetic helmet, armor, and cape.

The Precision Expert is quicker at deploying and firing lethal stratagems than your average Helldiver. They can provide artillery strikes or other orbital bombardments with a higher rate of accuracy than other soldiers.

The Precision Expert Pack includes:

  • Precision Call In Perk – Better targeting data when calling in Stratagems allows them to be delivered faster. Stratagem call in time is lowered by 1 second.
  • Precision Artillery Strike Stratagem – An artillery strike fired in a tight cluster with top modern homing rounds able to alter their trajectory. It uses the same targeting algorithm as the Railcannon strike.
  • The Precision Expert Uniform, a cosmetic helmet, armor, and cape.

The fight to protect Super Earth is far from over and only when the enemy gets a taste democracy will the universe once again be safe.

  • Lester Paredes

    Helldivers and Killzone mercenary are the two vita games that keep on giving. Anyone else notice a patch for improved stability released recently for Killzone? It doesn’t seem to have done much, but the game’s still getting support. And Helldivers gets its third update! Awesome. I sure wish other games got this much support.

    • vongruetz .

      Minecraft is the king of constant updates, but Helldivers does a great job too. The big problem with Helldivers is that the game is now huge and takes up a lot of memory on my card.

      • Lester Paredes

        Oh, yeah. I forgot about minecraft. I don’t play it, so it slipped my mind. I don’t have a problem with Helldivers size. It’s similar to killzone and Borderlands and resident evil.