CoreCell has announced a sequel to Metroidvania-style action title Aeternoblade – which hit PlayStation Vita in the first quarter of this year.

Drawing a lot from the original game (including the time manipulation mechanic, Metroidvania elements, and more), Aeternoblade II is currently set to hit PlayStation Vita (and 3DS) in the second quarter of next year.

We don’t know much yet to go with that, though characters Freya and Bernard have been revealed and are shown below;


  • Freya’s life is improved following the time paradox created in the original game, however a new universal time effect has occurred in response – pushing her to take up the Aeternoblade once more.
  • Bernard is a quiet young knight with a kind heart; heavy weapons are his offensive tact of choice.

That’s all we’ve heard for now, but you can be sure they’ll be bringing more information our way before that Q2 release window.

  • Devin Hudson

    I thought the demo of the first game was okay, though nothing special. It seemed like something I’d pick up in a sale for cheap. Can’t say I’ll play this one until I see how the first one turned out.

  • Lester Paredes

    The first one was okay. I hope the second one is better, because there is a lot of potential in what they made.